February 25, 2015

Top 10 Tips for Your Wedding Dance

wedding dance 10 tipsHere are 10 quick practical tips for your Wedding Dance.

If you are getting married and have little or no experience in dancing these tips are for you!

1- The music:

Which ever format you choose to store your song, make sure that it can be played with the music system in use on the day! If you use a MP3 player make a playlist for just your song, nothing else! If you choose to use a CD have only the first dance song on it, nothing else! If the band is playing your song make sure they are playing the version you know and expect.

2- The room:

Be sure to know the layout of the room and the dance floor. Is the floor rectangular, sure, oval… Know where the majority of the guests will be watching from so that you can direct the choreography to them.

3- Your posture:

Keep your blocks aligned (Head, shoulders, ribcage and hips) so that you stand at your full height. Keep your chin level with the ground and try to relax your shoulders, neck and jaws. Trust me your jaws will give it away!

4- The dress:

Make sure that you (both bride and groom) know what you can and cannot do when wearing the dress. The splits might be out!

5- The shoes:

If you wear very high heels it might be a good idea to have a second pair with flatter heels for the first dance.

6- Take a few dance lessons:

It’s well worth it and it’s fun too! You will amazed at how much you can learn in a just couple of hours. It will make a big difference.
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7- Keep it simple and elegant:

When you learn to dance it can be easy to get carried away and to try and fit as much as possible in your choreography. It’s a mistake. Keep simple so that you will look and feel more confident, more elegant, less stressed and less rushed. Quality over quantity! 

8- Plan your entrance and exit:

When are you going to enter the floor? Before or after the music has started playing? From where will you enter? Where will you place yourselves?
All these are simple considerations but failing to plan will put you on the back foot straight away!
You should also plan your exit. Will you take a bow? Will the wedding party join you on the dance floor before the end of the song (which by the way is a great idea if your song is somehow long)?

You don’t need any thing complicated or fancy but you need a plan!

9- Understand expectations:

Honestly, no-one expects much from a wedding dance so it’s an easy win. With a just few nice moves you will get your guests screaming. But don’t tell anyone you are preparing your first dance, you would do yourselves any favours by raising expectations.

10- Practice:

There is simply no substitute for practice. The more you rehearse your wedding dance, the more confident you will feel, the better you will look on the day and the more fun you will have on the dance floor. Practice and enjoy your practice sessions, they are supposed to be fun.

And the extra Wedding Dance Tip: Smile!

It doesn’t matter what happens on the night, a great smile will always make everything look ok. So if you mess it up, so what smile. If you don’t mess it up great! Smile even more 🙂

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